Get a complete view of your marketing

With Aerial you'll always know:

  • First bullet What campaigns you're running
  • Second bullet What you're spending
  • Third bullet What you're getting in return
Across all channels and teams
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Tracking Data and Reporting Across Channels is difficult

Different teams are running campaigns with various tools and reporting back disparate metrics

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Data gets siloed

Your data gets stuck in the various tools you use for each channel.

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Division of labor

Different teams inside and outside of the company are running the campaigns.

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Disparate Metrics

Teams report back channel specific metrics that aren’t comparable across channels.

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Bring Your Channels & Teams Together

We’ll generate metrics that make channels easy to compare and keep you informed at a glance

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Freelancer, Agency, or In-House Marketer?
Aerial is for you.


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Get a complete picture of your marketing activities across your entire company

  • Create, save, and share custom reports with all of your different teams
  • Create and share reporting groups that automatically update for everyone when anyone adds a new report
  • Schedule daily, weekly, monthly reports or ‘snapshots’ for anyone in or outside the organization


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View data for every campaign being run for each client across your agency

  • Clients can check their numbers anytime, always staying up to date
  • Engage your clients with their data via scheduled reports or brief “snapshots” sent directly to their inbox
  • Easily create and save custom reports for different teams, monthly meetings or quick check ins


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Save time letting Aerial track and report on campaign data for all of your clients

  • Impress your clients with agency-level resources without the overhead
  • Outsource additional channels to other freelancers? Track their campaign performance in Aerial
  • Give your clients the ability to check in on their numbers anytime they want, keeping them engaged

No need to 'pull the numbers' just log in and they're available.

Campaigns Overview

Your Campaigns Overview is where you go anytime you want to get up to speed at a glance

Campaign view home
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Easy Preparation

Walk into every meeting armed with the latest numbers

Quick reference icon
Quick Reference

When you need to know how a new campaign is doing or who is running it

Daily catchup icon
Daily Catchup

While you scroll through your phone having your morning coffee

Report View

Saved Reports are there when you want to dig into your data a little deeper or need channel specific metrics

Report view home
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Channel Specific Data

Meeting with the social media team?
Easily load up one of your social reports

Quickly diagnose icon
Quickly Diagnose Issues

Conversions a little slow for the month? Instantly load up your Conversions report

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Build Custom Reports

Follow the data for a specific channel or build a comprehensive report across all channels

Digital and Traditional

Running Offline Campaigns?

Plenty of companies are tracking TV, Radio, and Print campaigns through Aerial right now

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Custom Tracking URL

If you send customers to your website we’ll track them through a tracking URL.

Tracking URL
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Phone Tracking

Taking customer calls? We'll handle that through built in phone tracking.

Using Dynamic Number Swapping


We'll "pull your numbers" fresh every morning from the following applications

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Google Analytics
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