Engage Your Clients With Their Data

Easily report on high level metrics across all marketing channels to show your clients the value of their marketing campaigns.

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Stop piecing together different reports from different departments

Aerial will gather metrics from all of your marketing channels for easy client reporting

Consolidate Your Marketing Data

Clients are able to login and see high level data from all of their marketing campaigns at any time.

Agencies can login and see data from all the campaigns being run for each client.

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Get Data In Front Of Your Clients

Instead of clients seeing their numbers just once a month or every quarter, give them the ability to check in any time.

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Custom Reports

Compare channels, review data over time, discover which campaigns drive specific conversions. Reports are ready to be used for that monthly review as PDFs. Take a look!

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Clients can login anytime to stay up to date with their numbers, see how a new campaign is progressing, or review past campaigns while planning for the future.

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Short, digestible data updates sent by email to keep your clients engaged. Send weekly/monthly highlights of top campaigns by conversions and costs.




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Track Online and Offline Campaigns

In addition to online marketing, report on the success of offline marketing campaigns with call analytics, web analytics, and dynamic number swapping.

Do Your Clients Need Phone Tracking?

Do they receive leads or make sales over the phone? Aerial offers pay as you go phone tracking built right in.

Are You Tracking Phone Calls?

If you aren't, you could miss conversions that should be attributed to your campaigns.

Acquiring tracking numbers and setting up number swapping is simple inside Aerial.

Take a look at the chart

It contains real client data for a six month period. Data was only included if the client receives calls.

Without phone tracking, some, if not all, of the call conversions would have incorrectly been attributed to other marketing efforts.

*Aerial requested and received permission from clients to use this anonymous data.

Listen to calls

Listen To Campaign Calls

Clients can listen to every call that comes in for each campaign.

Utilize the recordings to evaluate lead quality, sales pitches, and customer feedback